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Kentuckiana African American Arts Series

Kentuckiana African American Art Series

The Kentuckiana African American Arts Series presents theatrical productions for youth and adult audiences. The mission is to "touch, teach, and reach youth" through a cultural education-arts venue. The Series' tour features three original productions: "A Bus Ride with Mrs. Rosa Parks," "Freedom Knows My Name," and "The African Village." The programs offer opportunities for residencies, professional development for teachers with resource materials, and study guides. A post-show "open dialogue" with the audience is an exchange between the audience and the artists about values and social responsibility.

Nana Yaa AsantewaNana Yaa Asantewa, Executive Producer and Playwright, is an Artist in Residence with the Kentucky Arts Council. Harlina Churn-Diallo, a Kentucky Arts Council Fellow; Samiyra Shabazz, a recording artist; and Shahid Shabazz, Zambia Nkrumah-White, and Elisha Wimsatt, the performing artists, are all natives of Kentucky with international credentials. The Series is a natural place for youth to express their feelings. The audience examines what is happening in today's society and how history plays a role.

K.A.A.A.S.Performing on Mixed Media are: Nana Yaa Asantewa, Harlina Churn-Diallo, Samiyra Shabazz, Shahid Shabazz, and Lillian Singleton.

Program 215

This week's topic on Mixed Media, is teaching through the arts. With that in mind, we will meet: Peter Morrin, Director of the Speed Art Museum; Nana Yaa Asantewa, Executive Producer, Kentuckiana African American Arts Series; and we will go "behind the curtain" at Walden Theatre. (#215)


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