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New World Buffet, Musical Duo

New World Buffet

New World Buffet is Tom Cantrell and Marc Linquist. The two met at Vanderbilt University in Nashville in 1992 and played a smattering of local venues with bassist Edwin Benson and a succession of drummers. Though the band performed under a variety of names, from Fly Shop to Philo Beddoe, the songs always remained intensely melodic and consistently original.

After graduation in 1996, the two took a one-year hiatus from their musical ventures. Linquist worked in London and Ireland, while Cantrell traveled America, eventually relocating to Louisville. They worked independently on music but stayed in touch and, in 1998, rejoined in Louisville as New World Buffet.

Tom CantrellFocusing their efforts toward a recording project, Tom (left) and Marc reinvented their earlier sound into something more subtle and defined to produce their 1999 debut album, [sic]. The tunes were a combination of older material from their college days and newer, moodier compositions, tracing the bandís evolution over the last several years.

Musical influences for New World Buffet run the gamut, but Tom and Marc both listen to a lot of Wilco, DJ Shadow, Flaming Lips, Police, Air, Stevie Wonder, A Tribe Called Quest, Beatles, Charles Mingus, Radiohead, and Beck.

Marc LinquistWith the writing and recording of their next CD, Essex, New World Buffet continued experimenting with style and sonic texture. The album was conceived as a varied collection of songs drawn together by certain lyrical and emotional themes.

At the time of their Mixed Media visit in 2000, New World Buffet was also in the process of expanding its lineup for live performances, shooting visuals to accompany the music, and planning the introduction of a four-person, multimedia-oriented show at Louisville-area venues.

Program 217

We have quite a show for you this week! You'll get to meet Actor/Director William McNulty form Actors Theatre of Louisville; watch Glass Maestro, Lino Tagliapietra, create his beautiful glass sculptures (which are part of the "Millennium Glass" exhibit at Kentucky Art and Craft Gallery); and you'll get to hear the music of New World Buffet. (#217)


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