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Dave Caudill, Sculptor

Dave Caudill

Dave Caudill is a Louisville sculptor who creates artworks for public, corporate and private collections. His innovative garden trellis sculptures are designed to support flowers, vines or vegetables, and can be found in collections across the country. Some of his larger public works here are at UofL's School of Music, the Louisville Zoo, Maryhurst and the Crescent Hill branch of the Louisville Free Public Library. Local corporate collections include Brown-Forman, Fire King International and the Waterfront Development Corporation.

Caudill attended the University of Kentucky and the Louisville School of Art. He is a juried exhibiting artist with the Kentucky Art & Craft Foundation and the Kentucky Crafted Program. Current professional affiliations include the International Sculpture Center, Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen and the Louisville Craftsmen's Guild. Recently, Caudill was named to the Board of the Kentucky Art & Craft Foundation.

ArtHis work is primarily welded stainless steel, which is used in linear forms to create very large and small outdoor sculptures. Some of the sculptures are designed to evoke flowers and vines, but Caudill's abstract works are pervaded by the theme of visual music. Lyrical rhymic curves are used to make sweeping gestures that lift the viewer's eyes skyward.

"Public art has always commemorated our shared values. Most monuments have been concerned with heroic acts that enable us to survive. My works celebrate attitudes which enable us to thrive - exuberance, idealism, innovation and inspiration." - Dave Caudill

"If we see the garden as a refuge, a place to rejuvenate our spirits, it's hard to imagine one without sculpture. Art in the garden reaffirms our own wholeness. It's embrace of humanity with nature." - Dave Caudill

"I texture my sculptures to reflect light in a dance as the viewer moves around it. In full sun, dazzling, and under moonlight or streetlight it's a sublime soft presence." - Dave Caudill

Program 219

Guest host Rochelle Riley introduces Celeste Santamassino, associate producing director with the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival; sculptor Dave Caudill; and musical guests Jakeleg. (#219)

Program 305

This week meet Ceramic Artist, Susan Goldstein; Sculptor Daivd Caudill talks about the Berea Fall Fair coming up (Oct. 13-15); the Kentucky Opera is kicking off their season with Rigoletto, Deborah Sandler tells us more about that and Raul Hernandez performs live in our studio for us along with accompanist Ellen Rissinger; and the Mixed Media camera crew went to visit Mark Payton, Glass Artist of Payton Flameworks. (#305)


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