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Skip Gliessner, Miniature Artist

Skip Gliessner

fruit "I was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1923, have lived here all my life. Have been interested in some art form from early on, mostly small things, my wife says I think small, since as a child I designed and built a miniature circus; as a teenager and young adult, I made and operated marionettes. In this venture I met my wife "Mickey" and we have been married 56 years."

"A year and a half of commercial art training in high school is the only formal art eduction I have had. Any art knowledge I may now possess is gained from a rather extensive "How to" library and much trial and error."

"I have been painting in oils, exclusively miniatures since 1967. I worked for 34 years in the color processing department of a gravure printing company, which has given me a strong background in color analysis and mixing."

iceskaters "I am a member of several miniature, and other art organizations, and was honored in 1985 to be selected as one of the ten founding, signature members of the "Miniature Artist of America." I have won numerous awards, and have had several one-man shows, have had work exhibited in many states and several foreign countries. I paint mostly from imagination or recollection. I try to capture a mood or how I feel about a subject. I am not too concerned about absolute accuracy, so long as it is not disturbing to the eye, appears to be reasonable or logical and forms a pleasing abstract pattern. All my subjects, and I paint a wide variety, are realistic in scope."

iceskaters"I paint on portrait grade Belgian linen canvas glued to Masonite. I prime the canvas about six coats of acrylic gesso, sanding between each coat. I do this on 24" square panels, then cut them to various shapes and sizes on a table saw. I make thumb-nail sketches of ideas on small cards, then develop the idea in a pencil drawing the size of the canvas, then transfer this to the canvas. I then use thin washes of color to establish value masses and harmonies. After this dries I repaint putting in the fine detail. The painting is then varnished and framed."

"I am also a charter member of 'The World Federation of Miniaturists.'"

Program 221

This week's guests include Marty Henton, Director of The Living Arts & Science Center in Lexington; Miniature Artist, Skip Gliessner; and we will hear the Celtic music of Galloglas. (#221)


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