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Swing ’39, Jazz Trio

Swing 39

Sometimes the best way to find new things is to look to the past. The masters of swing music developed their styles in the great clubs and hotels of Chicago, New York, and Paris during the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s. Imagine those days of potted palms, waiters in white aprons, and glistening marble floors with elegantly dressed couples dancing cheek to cheek, and you have the spirit of the great swing movement and the essence of Swing ’39.

This jazz trio consists of John Thornberry on bass, Jane Halliday on violin, and Ben Andrews on guitar. Their goal, they say, is “to evoke the spirit of swing as it is epitomized in the music of gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt and violinist Stephane Grapelli.” Those two performers injected a unique sound into their music—a sound that became known as “hot club” jazz, referring to the Hot Club of Paris where Reinhardt and Grapelli frequently played. Swing ’39 plays compositions by Reinhardt and popular tunes by composers such as Porter, Gershwin, and Ellington, using the hot club sound as a model. The result is music that is energetic, sassy, and lots of fun.

Program 224

This week we'll get a sneak peek at "Ragtime"; meet Sherri McNeely, Public Education Coordinator with Stage One; Sculptor, Bob Lockhart; and the jazz trio called Swing '39. (#224)


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