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Dharmachine, Rock Band


Dharmachine has been creating its own unique blend of spacey, trip-hop-influenced modern rock since the early spring of 1999. The group’s sound merges the influences of such artists as Tricky, P.J. Harvey, Radiohead, Bjork, and Smashing Pumpkins with each individual member’s musical and lyrical statement.

Joe Stucker
Jeff Smith

Dharmachine released its debut EP, Bang!, to a significant amount of critical acclaim in July of 1999. Since recording Bang!, the band has been playing to audiences throughout the Midwest, with stops in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Nashville, and other cities.

In April 2000, the four musicians completed the recording of the first full-length Dharmachine CD, Ride the Clean Fuel. “I think Ride the Clean Fuel has a sharper focus than Bang!,” says bassist Jeff Smith. “Everyone will see a more mature and dynamic Dharmachine on this effort.”

At the time of their visit to Mixed Media in summer 2000, the members of Dharmachine were planning more concert dates in support of Ride the Clean Fuel, throughout the Midwest and beyond. Plans were also in the works to expand their touring to the East Coast and to Europe.

Dharmachine consists of Joe Stucker on vocals, Jeffery Smith on bass, Josh Hawkins on guitar, and Corey Siegle on drums.

Josh Hawkins
Corey Siegle

Program 303

This week we're talking to Tracy Morrison Gordon and Joee Conroy of Artswatch; Susan Coleman of St. James Court Art Show; Architect and Designer, Michael Graves; the Mixed Media cameras went out to "Clay in Kentucky" at the Tower Cerlan Gallery; and we have the unique blend of spacey trip-hop music of Dharmachine. (#303)


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