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Nick Anderson, Courier-Journal

Nick Anderson

Nick Anderson is a local cartoonist and is currently drawing the editorial cartoons for the Courier-Journal. Born in Toledo, Ohio, Nick attended Ohio State University. He majored in political science and was the editorial cartoonist for the university newspaper.

Nick Anderson's love of drawing cartoons, however, began long before he ever went to Ohio State. He started drawing cartoons at the young age of fifteen. Anderson's cartoons were first featured in his high school newspaper. Ever since then Anderson has known his calling.

Nick art Nick's cartoons first graced the pages of the Courier-Journal while he was still at Ohio State. He interned at The Courier-Journal in the summer of 1990. In 1991, after graduating, Anderson came to Louisville to work for The Courier-Journal. In 1995 he was promoted to chief editorial cartoonist.

Not only has Nick been drawing cartoons for years, he's also been winning awards. While still in college Nick won the Charles M. Shulz Award for best college cartoonist in the United States, Canada and Mexico. He also won the John Fiscetti award in 1999 as well as winning the Best of Gannett competition three times.

Nick's work has been featured in more than just The Courier-Journal. He began syndication with the Washington Post in 1996. His work has also been featured in The New York Times, Newsweek, USA Today, and the Chicago Tribune. Also, since 1998 Anderson's work can be seen online.

In his spare time Anderson enjoys mountain biking and kayaking. Anderson lives with his wife and their son Colton. Speaking of Colton, his name is hidden in each one of Nick's cartoon's.

Mixed Media 306

We have quite a show for you this week, sure to bring out the kid in everyone. You'll get to meet Cartoonist Nick Anderson; Caricaturist Denny Whalen will be working live in the studio; we'll take our cameras to meet both Cartoonist Don Rosa and Penciler Greg Land; and you'll also be treated to the explosive musical sounds of the Muckrakers. (#306)


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