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Denny Whalen, Caricaturist

Denny Whalen

When it comes to art, Denny Whalen has definitely found his niche. As a local caricaturist, he attends many of the fairs in and around Louisville.

Denny can draw a quick caricature of just about anyone in ten minutes or less. The key to a successful drawing, he says, is finding an interest or a talent that really identifies the model. He tries to draw each client’s caricature to exemplify that person’s own uniqueness, portraying the subject as a drummer, a guitarist, a sports hero, etc. But he does get the occasional client who just can’t think of anything. In those cases, Denny says he can always draw a “safe” background like TV watching.

DennyIn addition to traveling around creating quick drawings on the spot, Denny has a studio for more leisurely work. There he has the luxury of using a computer and airbrushing the drawing. Caricatures done this way are in full color.

Denny also entertains for private events; you can contact him at (502) 491-4334.

Mixed Media 306

We have quite a show for you this week, sure to bring out the kid in everyone. You'll get to meet Cartoonist Nick Anderson; Caricaturist Denny Whalen will be working live in the studio; we'll take our cameras to meet both Cartoonist Don Rosa and Penciler Greg Land; and you'll also be treated to the explosive musical sounds of the Muckrakers. (#306)


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