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Pat Gerhard, Artist

Pat Gerhard

Pat Gerhard is a true artist at heart—and has been for a very long time. Having realized at an early age that she wanted to be an artist, she never really considered anything else. Pat has been winning awards for her artistic ability since grade school and has just gotten better and better over the years.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pat moved to Kentucky to attend college at the University of Kentucky. She got her bachelor’s degree and started working toward a master’s, then had a son and decided to focus her attention away from academics.

Instead, she took up weaving and then various other “hands-on” art forms. In the early 1980s, she turned her art from pure pleasure to business. By 1988, she had moved to selling products and away from weaving. It wasn’t that the weaving business wasn’t successful, she says; it was just so hard to earn money with those products.

Over time, Pat moved on to hand-painted leather purses, clocks, boxes, cards, etc. By the 1995 Christmas season, she had two stores and about 20 employees. But the growth might have been a little too rapid: In the end, she hadn’t brought in the kind of money she had hoped to—and in fact spent the next year working her way out of debt.

A quick study in economics as well as in art, Pat learned valuable lessons from that experience, and time has been good to her as she has continued to build her business. She is still working hard and still very motivated to make both her art and her business work; and she still has a shop in Lexington, Third Street Stuff. She also has a few larger clients to whom she regularly ships large quantities of merchandise, such as the wooden postcards that are shipped to the four Jimmy Buffett stores.

Pat has a unique artistic approach that’s bright, colorful, and instantly appealing—what she calls “a coloring-book style.” She uses every color in the rainbow, and there isn’t a drab space in her store. It’s almost as if a box of crayons has exploded onto her work. And that fun and lively style makes just walking into her shop a day-brightener.

Program 319

We have a great show planned for you today. On the show we have musical guest Will Cary. We also have Kitty Armstrong McAllister and Fran Redmon on the show to discuss both the Kentucky Arts on Tour program and Kentucky Crafted: The Market. We have also sent our Mixed Media cameras out to visit artist Pat Gerhard owner of Third Street Stuff. (#319)


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