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Boris Zakic, Painter

Boris Zakic A recent arrival in Kentucky, Boris Zakic is one of the newest art faculty members at Georgetown College. He holds a masterís in fine arts from the University of New Orleans and is an artist himself, with a unique painting style.

In his own work, Boris mines the traditional techniques of old master painting and combines them with philosophical concerns that are both contemporary and so essentially human that they have a resonance in almost any period of history. The constant theme in his paintings is the integration of text, usually a single word, and image, which is most often a figure.

The relationship between language and visual representation is the key to finding meaning in these works, he says. For Boris, words have no intrinsic meaning; instead, they function as signifiers with layers of possible meaning. Images, too, are signified, although perhaps not by the word usually associated with them. A dialogue ensues, and the viewer is required to participate, to listen, as the artist gives visual representation to his philosophical questions.

Program 321

A visit to the Louisville studio of Amy Elswick, owner of Clay House Pots; visual artist Boris Zakic; and music from Hog Operation. (#321)


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