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Chuck Lawson, Musician

Chuck Lawson Since his solo debut in 1994, Louisville native Chuck Lawson has become one of the most exciting new artists on the American music scene. Drawing on more than 15 years of performance experience, he creates an unforgettable musical experience with a combination of high-energy, up-tempo songs and deeply emotional ballads.

The ability to write songs and play a growing list of instruments fueled Chuck’s passion for music from an early age. He studied voice, composition, and arranging while earning his bachelor’s degree in music at Western Kentucky University and taught himself to play the piano and guitar. He has studied and performed throughout the United States and Europe and is a juried roster performer for the Kentucky Performing Artist Directory.

Chuck’s music is exciting, high-energy, and deeply emotional. Whether delicate and tender or upbeat and entertaining, his performances create a contagious energy for audiences of all ages. Solo or with his trio, Chuck performs a wide variety of island/rock/country/blues hits as well as his highly acclaimed original songs. He is capable of adapting his professional presentations to fit the musical requirements of a variety of venues, events, and audiences.

As a musical artist, Chuck works as a songwriter, composer, educator, and performer. His goal is to use his talents, training, performance experience, and versatility to touch as many people as possible with music. As Amy Biggs of the Franklin Favorite put it: “If music is the universal language, then Chuck Lawson will be understood anywhere he chooses to go.”

Program 327

New co-hosts Chip Polston and Madeline McGeeney introduce the island tunes of Chuck Lawson, author Julie Scott Cole, and an exhibit of photographic works by a teacher and her student. (#327)


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