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Ron Thomas, Wood Craftsman

Ron Thomas

Ron Thomas has worked in a wide variety of media over the years, but has been concentrating on wood turning for more than a decade now. The first show displaying his woodworking was held back in 1991, and his award-winning work has since been a part of countless fairs and festivals. Ron has also been awarded memberships in the Louisville Craftsmenís Guild as well as the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program.

Ronís work can be seen at Treasure Trove: A Gallery of Fine Art in Franklin, TN. For more information, call the gallery at (877)†871-1022.

Artistís Statement

RonMy background in photography, stained glass, and watercolor provided me with an eye for detail and the application of color. I never imagined that the innocent purchase of a wood lathe would completely alter the direction of my life.

My first attempts were crude, but sincere. Yet as wood turning evolved from an interest to a passion, I quickly adjusted to the tools and peculiarities of this fascinating medium. I was delighted in discovering how the wood allowed me to materialize both preconceived ideas and spontaneous inspirations.

However, the most important aspect of this medium, both then and now, is the challenge. Every piece of wood holds within it a unique pattern and exquisiteness given to it by nature. The challenge is then mine: to find it, enhance it, and ultimately to create a harmony between its intrinsic beauty and my human efforts and my willingness to push a medium past its known artistic limits.

Joyfully, and with increasing skill as the years have passed, I have created functional objects, artistic forms, and visionary vessels. And as I grow and change in thought and direction, so does my work; it has become the physical expression of my inner development.

Program 332

2001 Kentucky Poet Laureate James Baker Hall, news from the Pleiades Theatre, musician Pat Kirtley, woodcarver Ron Thomas, and an exhibit of paintings by Tona Barkley. (#332)

Program 816

The Leeds Center for the Arts in Winchester, visual artists Victor Sweatt and Ron Thomas, and music from BALADNA and Big Diggity. (#816)


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