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Heidi Howe, Singer/Songwriter

Heidi and John

Heidi Howe, 26, a Louisville native, is much wiser and more experienced than her age would suggest. Her original songs are “delivered with an ear for clever language and a nice sense of music history” (Jeffrey Lee Puckett, Courier–Journal, 3/17/00). However, what might impress you first is how such a powerful voice can be produced by someone so tiny. Puckett goes on to say that her voice is “mighty big for someone so small,” and Paul Curry reports that she “has grown up to be one of the local scene’s smallest wonders” (Courier-Journal, 8/12/99). Cheryl Chastine of Louisville Music News says she has “a voice big enough to fill a stadium” (August 1999), and her LMN colleague Paul Moffett marvels at her “large voice, particularly with respect to her diminutive size” and goes on to tell readers that they “better buy her CD now” (January 2000).

Heidi’s first CD, The Nature of My Wrongs, was released in February 1999 and garnered praise for being both sassy and intelligent. With the assistance of some very talented musicians and artists, including chart-topping songwriter Tim Krekel, Heidi managed to produce a soul-searching album which has been overwhelmingly well received by audiences and critics alike.

Program 403

Sculptor Bryan Holden, Leslie Broecker of Broadway in Louisville, the light-hearted tunes of Heidi Howe, and fiber artist Sara Newberg King at work. (#403)

Program 422

This week's edition of Mixed Media has something for just about every taste. The program features a selection of favorite guests from past shows, including: the Louisville Dulcimer Society; metal sculptor Bryan Holden; jazz drummer Hugh Petersen; and historical dramatizations from Locust Grove, the home of George Rogers Clark. (#422)


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