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Shayne Hull, Painter/Sculptor

Shayne Hull

Shayne Hull is the director of education at the Kentucky Art & Craft Foundation in Louisville—but he is probably better known for his paintings.

Though Shayne’s love of art started at an early age, he was slow to branch out and take chances with his artwork. It wasn’t until he was attending college that he first started painting faces—something he now does exclusively. Shayne moved to Louisville after receiving degrees from several universities and completing a six-year hitch in the military.

artwork Upon arrival in Kentucky, he accepted the job at the Kentucky Art & Craft Foundation. Shayne says that his interactions with Kentucky craft artists through his work have changed his theory of art, helping him see it in a different light and broadening his outlook on what he regards as art.

As an artist, Shayne has worked as both a painter and a sculptor, though much of his attention now is on his paintings. His signature use of colors keeps him firmly in the realm of individuality. Shayne’s early work often had a cartoon-like quality. But as his work has progressed, his portraits have become increasingly realistic. They still possess a quality that sets his work apart from that of other artists, though: Broad brush strokes indicate an immediate, passionate process, but closer inspection reveals an artist with an almost fanatical attention to detail.

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