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Andee Rudloff, Mural Artist

Andee Rudloff Andee Rudloff is a mural artist. Here’s how she describes her approach to her work:

“My murals are rooted in the study of public art as a way to bring visual art to communities that would otherwise have little to no exposure to visual art. Each mural acts as a vehicle to explore application, situation, history, humor, and how art can serve the community.

“I gather feedback after the mural has been up for several months. The residents in the various communities need several months to notice the works, interpret or relate to the art, and form an opinion of the art. Many works are done in conjunction with federal and state grants and with the inclusion of various nonprofit groups. Other murals are funded by private funds and sometimes for private businesses.

“The subject matter (and its layout) represents place, time, those who view the mural on a regular/daily basis, and the angle in which the surface can be approached.

“Each mural becomes an educational tool in the community as well as creating an atmosphere for conversation about art and inclusion of our differences.”

Program 414

Independent producer Vin Morreale, poet Ron Whitehead, and Bowling Green mural artist Andee Rudloff. (#414)

Program 515

Two painters who work at opposite ends of the size spectrum—a portrait artist for the home and a muralist whose works are shared by the entire community—and music by Louisville singer-songwriter D.A. King. (#515)


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