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The Kettleheads, Bluegrass Musicians

The Kettleheads

The Kettleheads have been making bluegrass music together since the winter of 1996, when Tommy Minton and R.C. Emerson of Somerset and brothers Aaron and Bobby Hamblin of Williamsburg joined forces and started jamming just for fun at a place located on Kettlehead Road in Pulaski County.

Word soon got around about the music the four were making, and it didn’t take long before the group was being asked to play some public performances. When it came time to think of a name for this new ensemble, one of the avid listeners at the jam sessions suggested the name Kettleheads—and it stuck like glue.

Tommy MintonThe group has undergone a few personnel changes since then, with band member Tommy Minton (left) being the one constant. The Kettleheads now consist of Tommy, Steve Couch, and Owen Reynolds. Both Steve and Owen have strong backgrounds in jazz, giving the Kettleheads a unique new sound.

The Kettleheads released their first CD, The Kettleheads in Concert, in December 2000. They are also now members of the Kentucky Arts Council’s Performing Arts Tour.

Program 428

Explores the art medium known as encaustic with artist Christine Kuhn. Also, a preview of Kentucky Crafted: The Market 2002 and music by the Kettleheads. (#428)

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Lexington artist Christine Kuhn, Fran Redmon of the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program, and music from the Kettleheads. (#447)


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