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Ten Penny Bit, Celtic Band

Ten Penny Bit

Kentucky’s rich traditional music history owes much to the Scottish, Irish, and English peoples who settled in the Appalachian areas of the state. And the repertoire of Ten Penny Bit owes much to this history. The band members draw on this musical heritage, as well as the influences of their ancestors from the Celtic regions of Europe. They bring a great sense of fun to their music, and it shows in riotously funny songs, driving reels, and mellow vocals. A comment heard over and over at their concerts runs something like “Ten Penny Bit knows how to have a great time, and they take the audience with them!”

Mark and Todd Formed in 1984, Ten Penny Bit has played in 21 states, and the members have served as staff musicians for the Lloyd Shaw Foundation and the Kentucky Heritage Institute. In 1993, they were honored to be sponsored by the Danish government to present a two-week program of American music and dance in Denmark. They have performed at numerous festivals, sharing the performance stage with artists like Arlo Guthrie, Tom Paxton, Tommy Maken, and Jean Ritchie. They are based in Louisville.

Recordings by Ten Penny Bit include Live at the Thomas Family Winery (One Night On Earth Productions, 1998); Dance of the Haymakers (One Night On Earth Productions, 2000); and Paddy on the Railway (TNT Productions, 2002). They are available online at




Band Members:

Robin Loeffler, hammered dulcimer, vocals. One of the founding members, Robin is the producer of The Ten Penny Bit Tunebook and the former music director of the Louisville Country Dancers.

Robin Bob Loeffler, guitar, bouzouki. Bob is also one of the founding members. He adds the drive behind Ten Penny Bit with a rock-solid beat.

Mark Cannon, fiddle, tin whistle, flute, mandolin, tenor banjo, vocals. Mark has been with the band since its start in 1986. A multi-instrument wizard, he is also the current music director of The Louisville Country Dancers.

Todd Morgan, fiddle. Since joining Ten Penny Bit in 1997, Todd has added wonderful harmonies and counterpoint, along with great leads.

Sonny Prentice, mandolin, guitar, vocals. Sonny is a 35-year music veteran who brings a Doobie Brothers-style sound to Contra.

Blue Murphy, upright bass. It never sounds complete until you add Blue on the bass!

Program 442

Lexington artist Joe Petro III and the music of Louisville-based Ten Penny Bit. (#442)


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