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Dorney Thompson, musician

Dorney Thompson

Dorney Thompson first started playing the guitar when he was only 12. He heard the first Beatles album and fell in love—even started a garage band, the Baroques. But adulthood took its toll, and along came college degrees and a long professional career.

Dorney After receiving his master’s degree from the University of Louisville’s Kent School of Social Work, Dorney put away the guitar and focused on his career as a licensed marriage and family therapist. He has been working as a Louisville therapist for the past 27 years now. But his love for music never died, and about seven years ago it re-emerged in a rather unlikely way.

album Dorney started to study the work of Vann Joines, a psychologist noted for his ground-breaking work in the study of personality traits. Building on the work of others, Joines had identified six basic “personality adaptations” that could describe just about everyone. It was during his late-night car rides to Joines’ seminars that Dorney, to pass the time, started concocting songs that would later find their way onto his debut album.

At first, he used the songs when counseling clients who seemed open to the idea; actually recording them didn’t immediately occur to Dorney. But after he started singing the songs for clients and fellow therapists, people started to ask why he hadn’t thought to put them on a CD. So sometime in 2000, he approached his friend and guitar teacher, Craig Wagner, about going into the studio. Though the recording sat for more than a year, Personality Adaptations: Lighthearted and Lyrical is now on sale.

The album includes a total of 15 tunes: six about the specific personality types, six that delve into ways to deal with them, and three that explain the overall idea behind the record. Several spoken tracks also help guide the listener from song to song.

Program 504

The University of Kentucky Art Museum, Lexington visual artist Twyla Martins, and music by therapist Dorney Thompson. (#504)


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