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Louisville Time Capsule

Louisville Time Capsule

Muttonchops and mini-skirts, the Vietnam War and downtown Louisville’s decline, Jon Jory and Moritz Bomhard, a new riverfront and a bigger airport. These are a few of the topics explored in Louisville Time Capsule, the third program in KET’s series of programs on the city’s history. KET pulled from more than 20 films created by Al Shands to produce this fascinating journey back to the River City in the 1970s. Narrated by John Gage, the program airs Tuesday, March 4 at 8:00/7:00 pm CT on KET1 and KET2.

Louisville Time Capsule begins with a review of the plan for downtown growth after a 15-year period of decline. Community feeling was that the city had to save itself, and the solutions proposed by Maurice Johnson, Dan Byck Jr., and Al Schneider could be summed up in one word: Build! New riverfront property was constructed, and blocks of historic downtown—including Louisville’s first skyscraper, the Columbia Building of 1891—were demolished to make way for the Fourth Street Mall and the convention center.

Panovs In the 1970s, Louisville became nationally known for its arts scene, as Actors Theatre grew under Jory and Bomhard transformed the Kentucky Opera. Louisville Time Capsule covers these and other arts developments, including the careers of Alun Jones, Helen Starr, and the Panovs at the Louisville Ballet and sculptor Barney Bright’s Derby City Clock.

Using Shands’ archival films, ’70s music, and updated interviews with those involved, the program examines urban renewal, suburban sprawl and efforts to save historic neighborhoods, the airport expansion, and the decline of public transportation. A look at the problem of air pollution brings up the career of a New York-born, Yale-educated doctor named Harvey Sloane who eventually became mayor. The program also takes a look at the devastation caused by the 1974 tornadoes; the turmoil around the busing issue; and how Louisville addressed the problems of welfare, low-income housing, and health care for the poor.

Program 519

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