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Dos Aguas

Dos Aguas

The flamenco troupe Dos Aguas was created when Sidney King and guitarist Gareth Jones met through Ballet Español. Gareth is the resident guitarist for the Spanish dance company. Dos Aguas collaborators Diana Dinicola and Mariya Tarakanova are both on staff as teachers at the Ballet Español Academy and are company dancers as well.

Sidney and Gareth soon began writing their own arrangements of traditional forms of flamenco. While integrating the majestic sounds of the bass with the flamenco guitar, their work uses the bass in two different ways: first as one would usually play a bass, supporting the progressions and rhythms, and second as a representation of the cante, or words. With these two elements, the instrumentalists are able to weave in and out of each other’s motives and lines, melodies and accents, rhythms and counter-rhythms.

Once a base repertoire had been established, the two musicians asked Diana and Mariya to set choreography to the music. The dance changed the music slightly, and the music did the same to the dance.

Program 529

Profiles of the modern dance troupe Art! Art! Barking Dog Dance Company and electronic music duo Lullatone, plus an in-studio taste of some lively flamenco from Dos Aguas. (#529)


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