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Walnut Street Blues Band

Walnut Street Blues Band

“Some people get up to play the blues and think that all you do is play three changes,” Foree Wells always used to say. “[But] there’s more to it than that. The blues is a feeling.”

Foree Wells Foree implemented that philosophy as the founder and leader of the Walnut Street Blues Band, which he formed with his sons Michael (guitar), Greg (keyboard and horns), and Foree III (drums) in 1989. The father/sons team enjoyed performing around Louisville and at regional blues festivals for several years, playing music to rock the listener’s body down to the bone. But then tragedy struck.

In December 1996, Foree and his sons were anxiously awaiting the release of their Rooster Records album It’s a New Day, Brother when Foree was taken ill. He died on January 8, 1997.

Artie Wells His sons were determined to carry on, though, and today the Walnut Street Blues Band is again performing and rocking the joint every weekend. The band’s demanding schedule has included gigs in Atlanta, Chicago, Memphis, and of course Louisville. Michael and Greg still head the band, and there have been two new additions: vocalist Artie Wells and drummer Jerry Harshaw.

The group is also collaborating on a recording contract and plans to release that long-overdue CD in 2004.

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