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Becky Collings, Dollmaker

Becky Collings Here’s how Becky Collings described her dollmaking career at the time of her December 2003 visit:

“As a youngster, I loved making things, and my parents encouraged me with classes, materials, and appreciation for my work. In 7th grade a favorite art teacher brought Elmer’s glue and bread. The combination mixed together makes a wonderful clay. I would spend hours making jewelry and magnets along with taking all the art classes at school. Through the years until I was married, I started to make small Santas of foil and bread.

“When my children were small, I lived in an old farmhouse, and mice would demolish my Santas. That’s when I discovered polymer clay, and I loved the versatility of the material. I sold consignment figures and set up at shows.

Santa by Becky Collings “In 1998 I suggested to the Joint Vocational School art director that we should have classes on making your own folk-art Santas. It turned out to be a big success. I met—and moved from Ohio to Kentucky to marry—my husband in 2001. For three years now, I’ve been teaching seasonal classes at the John James Audubon Museum, and I have started sign-ups for Santa classes at the Owensboro Hobby Lobby.

“I should mention I have tons of other projects on the burner: ornaments, gourd projects, larger Santas, home remodeling, and Santa classes. I do send project ideas to HGTV shows, and yes, they have responded! I hope to demonstrate a few ideas for spring 2004, but I have not yet had this verified. Carol Duvall’s secretary called for directions and permission to share the idea, and I do hope to hear from them soon. I try to keep busy and never get bored!”

Contact Becky by mail at 8985 KY 136 West, Calhoun, KY 42327.

Program 613

Artist/sculptor Becky Collings, holiday creations by Louisville-area designers, and musical guest Coterie. (#613)

Program 711

Dolls by artist/sculptor Becky Collings, holiday creations by Louisville-area designers, and vocal ensemble Coterie. (#711)


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