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A.M. Sunday

A.M. Sunday

Here’s how A.M. Sunday describes itself, from the band web site:

“Just as their hometown of Louisville is the junction for roads from music towns like Chicago, St. Louis, and Memphis, A.M. Sunday is the intersection where Aretha Franklin, Talking Heads, James Brown, and the Clash meet. It’s indie rock on a collision with West End soul. It’s rhythm and blues by ex-punks playing 9th chords—just don’t call them a funk band. Watching the band take the stage, you’ll know that A.M Sunday is new breath for the old scene. An A.M. Sunday show is a family affair, the interplay generous and song-driven, with members sitting out on tunes and trading instruments.

A.M. Sunday “After each turn, vocalist Suki Anderson holds court, wooing the righteous and sinful alike. Darrick Wood’s soul-bound rhythm guitar is the banquet’s centerpiece, balanced in delicious fashion by Mauriece Hamilton’s full-on vocal swing and Mark Hamilton’s Eno-esque guitar textures. The Sly Stone-meets-Police drop of Ray Rizzo and Matt Scobee round out the scene, sending rhythms straight to the small of the back. It’s time to be moved. Electronic, drum and bass, and dub styles are at work in the music of A.M. Sunday, but collectively the members are reaching back for the golden vibrations they discovered when a twist of the AM radio dial first brought the intimacies of rhythm and blues into their imaginations. The seduction of ‘Lighthouse’ and the 3 a.m. jazz of ‘Mary’s Song’ show a band steeped in the subtle side of soul, while the hot butter workouts of ‘Sexy Feast’ and ‘Bohdissatva Brown’ guarantee the party will be going all night. Turn the dial and bring yourself to the junction where people from every neighborhood in your town are getting together to get down.”

Program 615

Harrodsburg potter Mike Frasca, another member of the Strecker family of artists; long-time Courier-Journal photographer Bill Luster in his hometown of Glasgow; and the eclectic sounds of Louisville’s A.M. Sunday. (#615)

Program 625: Best of Season 6

Highlights from recent programs, including profiles of the Strecker family of artists and musical performances by students from the Kentucky Opera’s Young Artists’ Program, singer-songwriter John Mann, and rock band AM Sunday. (#625)

Program 801

Printmaker Derrick Riley; music by A.M. Sunday and singer/songwriter Rob McNurlin; and a photography exhibit at Louisville’s Zephyr Gallery. (#801)

Program 803

Lexington painter Shirley Ardell Mason, music by the Betweeners and AM Sunday, and a look at the work of self-trained painter and fiber artist Mary Craik (#803)


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