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Matt and Pauly Zarb

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Brothers Matt and Pauly Zarb, originally from Australia, now live in Bardstown when they’re not traveling the country performing their rootsy musical blend.

Zarb These two siblings (from a family of six) emerged as accomplished musicians early on and set out to chase a dream of a life in music. Each began performing in solo, duo, and various band projects in the early 1990s. In February 2000, they joined forces and embarked on a tour, moving among Heron Island, Dunk Island, and Brampton Island for several months while writing songs and developing a show to take to America. There they spent a month performing in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Since that first trip together, Matt and Pauly have been in regular demand, returning to the USA four times to perform at such events as the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, Joe’s Bluegrass Tavern, Home Front, and the Chet Atkins Convention as well as major venues in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Nashville, and all over the Midwest and Kentucky. They have opened shows for such legends as Willie Nelson, Keith Urban, Sam Bush, and Tommy Emmanuel and continue to build a huge following in America and Australia.

In August 2001, the brothers received the Best Folk Album award at the Queensland Sunny Music Awards, where their songs “Vincent Road” and “For the Love of a Child” both placed among the top four entries in the Songwriting category. Since then, they have released a live album and the 2003 release Chameleon, which was launched in Bardstown on the 5th of July at a celebration attended by 1,500 people.

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