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Paul Bennett and the 2nd Chance Band

Paul Bennett Paul Bennett, who was named Louisville’s Bass Player of the Year in 1998 by Leo magazine, has worked for both churches and nightclubs, including several on the Las Vegas strip. His talents have provided him with opportunities to perform and tour with the world-famous Impressions all the way to South Africa.

Paul’s versatility performing all types of music is also evident on his first CD project, All Power. This collection of gospel jazz songs has been featured on several Louisville radio stations, including gospel station WLLV and smooth jazz stations 93.1 and 101.7. Tastefully mastered, it uses a wide range of instrumentation. Linda Rowan, music director at New Zion Baptist Church, called it “fantastically done. I couldn’t believe how you blended all of the styles together. The different vocal entries were well placed.”

Praise from such a source is especially welcome for Paul, who believes that he received this recording through a vision from God. It is part of his effort to take his music from the churches to the nightclubs and let everyone know that the God he serves is a God of second chances. To that end, he even named the band that accompanies him on the CD the 2nd Chance Band.

Paul Bennett Paul Bennett

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