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KET's weekly current events program for grades 4-8
With host Missy Johnston
November 29, 2012

* Ceasefire Takes Effect in Israel/Palestinian Conflict
The Gaza Conflict from The New York Times International Topics
Israel from the CIA World Factbook
Gaza Strip from the CIA World Factbook

* Black Friday + Cyber Monday = Profits for Businesses
Why is it called Black Friday? from’s U.S. Economy The Official Black Friday 2012 Site
Explaining Cyber Monday from

* Hostess Brands Ends a Baking Era
Hostess Brands is Closed Official Website Message
How Labor Unions Work from
Teaching Your Kids About Money from

* Super Jupiter Discovered Outside Our Solar System
Astronomers Discover Super Jupiter from
Super-Jupiter Dwarfs Our Largest Planet from

* Underwater Museum Could Protect Coral
MUSA Museo Subacuatico de Arte
Cancun’s Underwater Museum from Cancun Travel
Caribbean Coral Reefs from

* Teen Molds Wooden Bicycle
Teen’s Wooden Bike from
What is Plywood? from

* San Diego’s Panda is a ‘Little Gift’
Baby Giant Panda Gets A Name from
San Diego Zoo Official Website
* Rise of the Guardians
DreamWorks Animation Rise of the Guardians
Rise of the Guardians from
November 29, 2012

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