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KET's weekly current events program for grades 4-8
With host Missy Johnston
January 31, 2013

* Changes On the Way for Women in the Military
Women, Men Must Meet Same Combat Standards in Military from USA Today
U.S. Department of Defense
History of Women in Combat Still Being Written from The New York Times

* Jordan Holds Parliamentary Elections
Jordan from the CIA World Factbook
Jordan Elections from The New York Times
The Jordan Times Jordan Newspaper

* Social Media and the World Economic Forum
World Economic Forum
Social Media Overview from Tufts University

* Space Tweets Treat Us to Spectacular Pictures
International Space Station from
NASA Astronauts on Twitter NASA_Astronauts

* Scientists Watching New Zealand Volcano
White Island Volcano from
White Island Tours Pictures and Island Information

* Horses Need Dentists Too
Equine Dental Technician from
The Academy of Equine Dentistry Glenns Ferry, Idaho

* Dugongís a Quiet Marine Mammal
Dugong from National Geographic
Australia for Everyone Dugong

* Familiar Names Top Australian Open Tennis
Australian Open The Grand Slam of Asia/Pacific
Victoria Azarenka from
Novak Djokovic Official Website
January 31, 2013

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