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KET's weekly current events program for grades 4-8
With host Missy Johnston
February 07, 2013

* New U.S. Secretary of State Goes to Work
Secretary of State John Kerry from U.S. Department of State
U.S. Department of State Diplomacy In Action
What Does the U.S. Secretary of State Do? from

* Congress to Tackle Immigration Reform
U.S. Immigration Reform
Immigration Reform Immigration Policy Center
Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today from

* Mali Uprising Destroys Historic Pieces
Mali Profile from BBC News - Africa
Mali Overview & Breaking News from The New York Times World News

* DVDís On the Way Out
How Does a DVD Work? from eHow Tech

* Unearthed Bones Belong to King Richard III
After 500 Years, Richard IIIís Bones Yield Their Secret from Reuters
King Richard III Bones Found, Scientists Say from National Geographic

* 1913 Nickel May Be Worth Millions
1913 Liberty Head Nickel to Fetch Millions from The Washington Post
The 1913 Liberty Head Nickel - The Worldís Most Hyped Coin

* Labrador Retrievers Top the Charts
Get to know the Labrador retriever from the American Kennel Club
Dogs 101: Labrador Retriever from Animal Planet

* Super Bowl XLVII
Super Bowl XLVII New Orleans, Louisiana

* Bicentennial Bell Heading Into Storage
Bicentennial Bell Packed Up from
The Bicentennial Bell from The National Park Service

* Earth Trek: Myanmar or Burma The Ultimate Guide to Myanmar
Shwedagon Pagoda
February 07, 2013

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