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KET's weekly current events program for grades 4-8
With host Missy Johnston
May 09, 2013

* Kentucky Derby 139
Kentucky Derby
National Thoroughbred Racing Association
Triple Crown Races

* Cleaner Air In America
Healthy Air from the American Lung Association
Clean Air Act from the Environmental Protection Agency
Clean Air Kids

* President Obama Visits Mexico, Costa Rica
President Obama’s Visit to Costa Rica from The White House Blog
Costa Rica from the CIA World Factbook
Mexico from the CIA World Factbook

* California Firefighters Battle Spring Wildfire
Cal Fire Incident Information Information on California’s Wildfire from
Wildfires from

* Missouri’s Prairie-Chickens
Greater Prairie-Chicken from Missouri Department of Conservation
Greater Prairie-Chicken from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

* Astronomers Spot Huge Hurricane on Saturn
NASA Probe Spies Giant Hurricane from National Geographic
NASA Probe Gets Close View of Saturn Hurricane from

* Federal Reserve Creates New ‘Benjamins’
Meet Your New $100 Bill from CNN-Money
The Federal Reserve System Online

* Exhibit Features Hundreds of Warhol Paintings
Andy Warhol 15 Minutes Eternal
The Warhol The Andy Warhol Museum

* Earth Trek: Monument Valley
Monument Valley Valley of the Rocks
Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

* California Welcomes Baby Eaglets
Humboldt Bay Eagle Cam
American Bald Eagle Information
May 09, 2013

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