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KET's weekly current events program for grades 4-8
With host Missy Johnston
September 19, 2013

* Aquifers Could Change Life in Kenya
Huge Aquifers Discovered in Northern Kenya from The New York Times
Massive Aquifers Could be Game Changer for Kenya NPR News
What is an Aquifer? Information from

* New Mammal Species from Andes
Olinguito the Newest Rare Mammal Species from CNN
Raccoon-Sized Critter with Teddy Bear Looks from Fox News

* Veteran Voyager Reaches Interstellar Space
Voyager Zooms Closer to Solar System's Edge from
Voyager I Captures Sound from Interstellar Space from
Voyager: An Interstellar Journey from

* Painting Identified as True Van Gogh
Van Gogh Fun Facts from Van Gogh Gallery
New van Gogh Painting Discovered from CNN
A van Gogh's Trip from the Attic to the Museum from The New York Times

* Afghani Dogs Reunited with American Troops
Soldier Reunited with Afghan Puppies from USA Today
Afghanistan Vets Reunited with War Zone 'Family' from

* SpaceshipTwo Could Take Passengers Above & Beyond
SpaceShipTwo On Flight Path to Space Tourism from
Space Facts from Science Kids
Passenger Trips by 2014? from Yahoo News

* Mercedes Introduces Driverless Car
It Really Is Hands-Free! from Daily News Online
Mercedes-Benz Fun Facts from

* Cats and Cards Meet Head to Head
Cards Pull Together for Second Half from
Louisville Players Pace Past Rivals from ESPN

* Earth Trek: Myanmar aka Burma
Burma from the CIA World Factbook
Shwedagon Pagoda Myanmar

* Cheetah Cubs are the Talk of Texas
Cheetah Cubs Paired with Puppy from National Geographic
Dallas Zoo to Raise Cheetah Cubs with Labrador Pup from Yahoo News

* Fun Facts: Kentuckyís State Tree
Adoption of the Kentucky State Tree from
Kentucky State Tree from
September 19, 2013

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