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KET's weekly current events program for grades 4-8
With host Missy Johnston
September 26, 2013

* Legislators Debate Our Federal Budget
Things to Know about a Government Shutdown from National Public Radio
How will it affect our daily life? from
USA Fiscal Shutdown from Reuters
Three Branches of Government Americaís Federal Government Ė for Kids

* Colorado Flooding is Worst in Decades
Before and After the Colorado Flood from Huffington Post
Colorado Flooding Why was it so bad?
Flood Stricken Colorado from NBC News

* Affordable Care Act Affects American Health Care
How will the healthcare mandate impact you? from PBS Newshour
The Health Insurance Marketplace is Coming Soon
Health Reform from

* Syrian Civil War Draws U.N. Attention
Russia, Syria and Chemical Weapons from The LA Times
Facts You Should Know About the Chemical Weapon Sarin from VOA News
Crisis In Syria from The New York Times
Syria from The CIA World FactBook

* Da Vinci Introduces Flight, Centuries Before Airplane Invention
Leonardo da Vinci from Science Kids
Da Vinciís Flight Plans from
Da Vinciís Codex on the Flight of Birds Simthsonian Air and Space Museum Exhibitions

* Representatives Propose Lunar National Park
Human Artifacts on the Moon from
National Parks on the Moon? Excellent Idea! from Time
Americaís National Parks from National Geographic

* FitDesk Helps Students and Teachers
FitDesk Helps Students Exercise While They Work from The Tennessean
FitDesk Where Productivity and Health Converge
Kids Who Canít Sit Still Ė Fidgeting May Keep Them Focused from

* Music Plays an Instrumental Role
The Benefits of Music Education from
Music Education Helps Kids Learn from The Washington Post
Which Instrument is Right for My Child? from

* FYI: Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipses: Past and Future from
Eclipses from
The Sun from the European Space Agency

* Fast Fact: The Star Spangled Banner
The Star Spangled Banner Song Lyrics
Fun Facts about The Star Spangled Banner from The Tampa Tribune

* Meet Americaís New First Pet
Meet Sunny from
The First Familyís New Dog Sunny Obama
September 26, 2013

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