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KET's weekly current events program for grades 4-8
With host Missy Johnston
October 24, 2013

* Reopening the Federal Government
Three Branches of Government for Kids
Government Reopens After Congress Passes Budget Deal from The Washington Post
Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell from
Senate Deal from The Huffington Post

* India’s Preparations Save Thousands from Cyclone Phailin
India Facts from
What is a cyclone? from
Cyclone Phailin from

* Meet Kentucky’s Teacher of the Year
Holly Bloodworth is Kentucky’s 2014 Teacher of the Year from Kentucky’s Department of Education
Holly Bloodworth Kentucky’s Teacher of the Year

* Studying a Russian Meteorite
Science and Environment News from the BBC
Chelyabinsk Meteorite Pulled from Russian Lake from The U.K. Daily Mail
Russian Meteorite Breaks After It’s Pulled from Lake from NBC News

* Technology and Animals – Do they mix?
Dolphin Institute
Dolphin Quest Touching Hearts and Minds
Dolphin Facts from Science Kids – New Zealand

* Google Glasses – Hands Free Technology
Introducing Google Glass from
Google Glasses from
Google Glass Review from

* Californians Get an Up-Close Look at Rare Oarfish
Giant Oarfish – Sea Serpents from National Geographic
California Beaches
Two Giant Oarfish Wash Ashore from The Los Angeles Times

* 2013 World Series
Major League Baseball Official Website
Saint Louis Cardinals
Boston Red Sox

* FYI: Polar Bears
Polar Bear Facts from Science Kids – New Zealand
Polar Bears from National Geographic Creature Features

* St. Louis Zoo Welcomes Baby Elephant
The Saint Louis Zoo Animals Always
Baby Priya Makes Her Debut from CBS News

* Fast Facts: Mount McKinley – North America’s Highest Peak
Denali Highest Mountain in North America
October 24, 2013

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