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KET's weekly current events program for grades 4-8
With host Missy Johnston
November 07, 2013

* Turkey Opens Intercontinental Marmaray Tunnel
The Marmaray Project
Turkey Completes Marmaray Underground Tunnel Connecting Europe to Asia from U.S. News & World Report
Official Tourism Portal of Turkey
Turkey from the CIA World Factbook

* Syria Meets First Chemical Weapons Deadline
OPCW Verifies Syrian Weapon Site from Reuters
A Brief Description of Chemical Weapons from
Syria from the CIA World Factbook

* U.S. Navy Unveils New Stealth Destroyer
Navy New Destroyer: USS Zumwalt from The Christian Science Monitor
USS Zumwalt: 5 Fast Facts from
Americaís Navy A Global Force for Good

* Blackbeardís Cannons Recovered
Cannons Retrieved from 18th Century Shipwreck from The Huffington Post
The Story of Blackbeard from Blackbeardís Queen Anneís Revenge 1718

* Ancient Roman Eagle Unearthed in England
Finest Roman-British Sculpture Found in London from National Geographic
England from Time For Kids Around the World
Roman Empire from Social Studies for Kids

* Australiaís Golden Trees
Gold Particles Found in Leaves of Eucalyptus Trees from
Gold Grows on Eucalyptus Trees from National Geographic Daily News
The Eucalyptus Tree from

* Sesame Street Characters Meet the First Lady
Fresh Food Choices for Kids from The White House Blog
First Lady Promotes Healthy Eating from USA Today
Food Guide Pyramid from

* Kenyans Take Top Honors at 2013 New York Marathon
The ING New York City Marathon November 3, 2013
NYC Marathon 2013 from New York Daily News

* Fast Facts: How Fast is a Hummingbird?
Ruby-throated Hummingbird from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology
November 07, 2013

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