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KET's weekly current events program for grades 4-8
With host Missy Johnston
February 20, 2014

* 2014 Winter Olympics
Sochi 2014 Official Website
Sochi 2014
Team USA Road To Sochi 2014

* French President Visits U.S.
Presidents Visit Jeffersonís Estate from VOA News
State Dinner Menu from
Obamas Welcome French President from USA Today

* British Flooding Most Devastating in 200 Years
UK Flooding In Pictures from The Metro
Flooding Information from National Geographic
River Flooding: Causes and Effects from the BBC
UK Flooding from CNN

* Sinkhole Swallows Kentucky Corvettes
Corvette Museum Sinkhole from The LA Times
What are sinkholes? from National Geographic

* Credit Card Upgrades Aim for Safety
Hack-Resistant Credit Cards from Business Week
Credit Card Pros & Cons from

* SpaceShipTwo On Course for Commercial Flights
Virgin Galactic Spaceships
Weightlessness from

* Finding Rover Could be Dogsí Best Friend
Finding Rover Official Website
Using Facial Recognition from THV11 News

* The Lego Movie
Emmetís Official Website
Explore the Characters from

* Our Great State: Newport Aquarium
Newport Aquarium Official Website
Penguin Facts For Kids

February 20, 2014

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