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KET's News Quiz
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KET's weekly current events program for grades 4-8
With host Missy Johnston
May 22, 2014

* The United States Electoral College
What is the Electoral College? from
The Electoral College Congress for Kids
Electoral College from

* National Portrait Gallery Offers Helpful App
National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian
Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery from

* NASA Spacecraft Explores Greenland
NASA’s GROVER Debuts on Greenland’s Ice Sheet from
NASA Dispatching GROVER to Frozen Plains from

* Wind Turbines Offer Green Alternative
How a Wind Turbine Works from Energy Matters
Wind Energy Her Story
Wind – Renewable Energy from the U.S. Energy Information Administration

* Cicadas Emerge for Noisy Invasion
An Invasion of 17-Year-Olds from The New York Times
Cicadas from National Geographic

* Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory
Slugger Museum Official Website
Major League Baseball

* Concrete Statues Aim to Save Mexican Coral Reef
Underwater Sculpture Garden Helps Save Cancun’s Coral Reefs from
Coral Reefs in the Mexican Caribbean from

* Physics Offer Challenges for Science Students
What is physics?
What Physicists Do Colorado School of Mines, Department of Physics

* Our Great State: Covered Bridges
Bridges To the Past Kentucky’s Remaining Covered Bridges
Kentucky Covered Bridge Map

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