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September 26, 2013
News Quiz #2903

Vocabulary Words:

September 26, 2013

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In which U.S. city does the United Nations meet?

  1. The government facing a shutdown is ...
    1. city
    2. state
    3. federal

  2. Legislators must agree upon a new ...
    1. tax
    2. budget
    3. law

  3. Locate Colorado on the map.

  4. True or False?
    Parts of Colorado were declared a federal disaster area by the president.

  5. The insurance affected by the Affordable Care Act is ...
    1. health
    2. property
    3. automobile

  6. The country where chemical weapons were used is ...
    1. Sudan
    2. Syria
    3. Sweden

  7. The early flight sketches were drawn by
    1. Raphael
    2. Michelangelo
    3. da Vinci

  8. The lunar park would protect
    1. the moon
    2. space shuttles
    3. artifacts

  9. True or False?
    Students say the FitDesk helps them concentrate.

  10. True or False?
    All children should learn to play the same instrument.

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