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Educational Objectives

Liz’s Circus Story can be used to address the following Kentucky academic standards for middle and high school:

Academic Expectations

  • 2.22: Students create works of art and make presentations to convey a point of view.
  • 2.23: Students analyze their own and others’ artistic products and performances using accepted standards.
  • 2.26: Through the arts and humanities, students recognize that although people are different, they share some common experiences and attitudes.

Core Content

  • AH-M-3.1.31: Elements of drama.
  • AH-M-3.1.32: Elements of production.
  • AH-M-3.1.33: Elements of performance.
  • AH-M-3.1.310: Discuss the collaborative artistic processes of planning, playing, responding to, and evaluating a performance.
  • AH-M-3.1.311: Compare and contrast the forms of theatre, musical theatre, TV, film, and dance using appropriate vocabulary.
  • AH-H-3.1.31: Use of dramatic structure, character, literary devices, and components of drama/theatre.
  • AH-H-3.1.32: Character motivation.

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