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Liz's Production Diary

KET asked Liz Bussey Fentress to keep a diary to record her activities and thoughts about the pre-production preparations and taping of her play for television. Her observations offer insight into the actor’s craft, the production process, and the differences between live theater and television.

July 24

Today I rehearsed with Liz Hartwell and Ken Braso, dancers from the Louisville Ballet who are choreographing the dance at the end of Liz’s Circus Story. I AM SO SORE! Man, oh man, why did I stop doing ballet exercises when I finished drama school! I am just not in shape to do this kind of thing. Fortunately, I understand that if I fall over in the middle of the dance, they’ll be able to stop the cameras and we can take it from the top. This TV stuff could work out pretty well!

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