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Behind-the-Scenes Video Clips

In these video interview excerpts, members of KET’s production crew talk about the process of preparing to shoot the play and show some planning tools, costumes, and props.

All the videos require RealPlayer®. See our help page for information on downloading the software.

The Set Plan
Director Vince Spoelker shows and discusses the scale drawing of the set. (1:43)

Costume Colors
Costume designer Janet Whitaker shows the color palette she used to plan clothing colors. (1:02)

What To Wear?
Janet talks about choosing the clothes for Liz to wear in the performance of the play. (2:41)

Ringmaster’s Jacket
Playwright and performer Liz Fentress talks about one critical costume: her red satin ringmaster’s jacket. (:35)

Tiger Puppets
Liz shows the two different tiger puppets made for the stage and television productions. (:54)

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