The CommonHealth of Kentucky

A 13-part KET production aimed at improving the health of all Kentuckians by sharing health and wellness projects from across the state that are succeeding in making their communities healthier.

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Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky
The CommonHealth of Kentucky is a 2005 KET production. Produced in partnership with the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Larry I. Palmer

Host Wayne Tuckson | Gilbert Friedell | Elizabeth Holcomb | Rallie McAllister | Larry Palmer

“Until people connect knowledge with what they believe to be positive change and get more involved in the public policy process, nothing much is going to change.”
Larry Palmer

Interests in health care and public policy merge in the career of Larry I. Palmer, the endowed chair in urban health policy at the Institute for Bioethics, Health Policy & Law at the University of Louisville. Palmer firmly believes that this combustible mixture of knowledge and action is essential to fuel real change.

His career reflects Palmer’s interest in law, medicine, ethics, and public policy. In addition to his work at the institute, Palmer is a professor of family and geriatric medicine and of environmental and occupational health sciences at U of L and a member of the Center for Genetic and Molecular Medicine and the James Graham Brown Cancer Center.

Palmer brings a diverse educational background to his many jobs. He has a B.A. in social relations from Harvard University and a law degree from Yale Law School. He is a professor emeritus of law at Cornell Law School, where he also served as a vice president for academic programs and campus affairs, and has been a visiting professor at numerous law schools, including Villanova, the Friedrich-Alexander University, Cambridge University, the University of Virginia, Rutgers, and the University of Texas at Austin.

He is the author of two books and numerous legal articles and is a member of dozens of boards and committees relating to issues of law, medicine, and medical ethics. Palmer is particularly well known for his work on the Tuskegee Syphilis Study; he served as executive producer of the educational video and author of the accompanying study guide.

Host Wayne Tuckson | Gilbert Friedell | Elizabeth Holcomb | Rallie McAllister | Larry Palmer

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