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Rosetta Lucas Quisenberry, author/teacher

Rosetta Lucas Quisenberry of Lexington is the author of four books showcasing her museum-quality collection of postcards, photographs and memorabilia (circa 1880-1950) that depict both positive and negative portrayals of African Americans.

A history teacher in the Fayette County school system for more than 14 years, she earned a bachelor’s degree from Eastern Kentucky University and a master’s degree from the University of Kentucky.

Her first book, A Saga of the Black Man, was published in 2002. The final three volumes, A Saga of the Black Woman, A Saga of the Black Child, and A Saga of the Black Family, were all released in 2003.

This guest appears in ...

  • Juneteenth (#217)

    The first part of the program focuses on Juneteenth, the holiday commemorating the emancipation of African Americans from slavery. The second part focuses on a racist postcard collection that dates to slavery days.