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Porter P.G. Peeples, Lexington Urban League

Porter G. Peeples of Lexington is a community leader in Fayette County. After graduating from the University of Kentucky in 1968 with a degree in elementary education, he was named education director for the Lexington Urban League. He was soon named director of the chapter—the youngest director in the nation.

Under his leadership, the Lexington Urban League operates programs for clerical training, open housing, community development, and training in penal institutions, as well as a community radio station.

Peeples also chairs the Equity Commission that monitors the Fayette County Public Schools. The Fayette County School District established the P.G. Peeples Equity Award in 2003 in recognition of his efforts. He was inducted into the UK College of Education Hall of Fame in 2004.

He grew up in Lynch in Eastern Kentucky, attending public schools subsidized by U.S. Steel, owner of the area mines. He also attended Hazard Community College.

Peeples found out that he had breast cancer in 2004. Around the same time of his diagnosis, his sister was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Peeples survived, but his sister died two years later. He is now an ambassador for early detection and treatment, especially in men.

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