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Rev. Byron Cooper, Kingdom Purpose Ministries

The Rev. Byron Cooper of Lexington is the founder of a church, Kingdom Purpose Ministries, which has begun an outreach program called Source of Restoration to help nonviolent offenders.

Growing up in St. Louis, Cooper watched numerous young black men get caught up in a cycle of prison, release, and back to prison. Later, while living in Tulsa, OK, he had his own run-in with the law that resulted in 52 days in jail. He moved to Atlanta and started a magazine about church politics, but he felt a strong call to reach out to young offenders and help them break the cycle.

A romance led him to Lexington and marriage. He and his wife, Carol, began planning what would become Kingdom Purpose Ministries, a growing church that operates out of renovated quarters on Versailles Road. Source of Restoration offers religious services and Bible studies, employment skills training, counseling, and discipline to help nonviolent offenders turn their lives around. Cooper was one of 1,000 people nominated for a CNN hero award.

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    Renee speaks with the Rev. Byron Cooper of Lexington, pastor of Kingdom Purpose Ministries, which runs a rescue mission for nonviolent offenders, most of whom have a history of substance abuse.