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Christopher 2X, community activist (#403)

Christopher 2X discusses his background, which included serving prison time for drug trafficking. At around age 12, he says, he found himself surrounded by drugs, violence, and predatory personalities. He recounts some of the factors that contributed to his choice of lifestyle, including a false perception of power, a clique mentality, and an inability to rid himself of “negative energies.”

In 1999, after being released from prison, Christopher 2X sought out a different lifestyle, becoming a member of the Nation of Islam. He discusses how the members of that organization, including Muhammad Ali, inspired him to choose a new path in life.

Christopher 2X then describes how he became a spokesperson for victims of violent crime in Louisville. After the 2004 shooting of Michael Newby, a 19-year-old black man, by McKenzie Mattingly, a white police officer, Christopher 2X consoled Newby’s mother and assisted her with court proceedings when Mattingly was charged with murder. When Mattingly was acquitted later that year, Christopher 2X acted as spokesperson for Newby’s family, urging the community to quell their anger and avoid further violence. That incident catapulted him into a career of community service.

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