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Alzheimer’s Awareness Month (#412)

Allison Caban-Holt, assistant professor at the University of Kentucky Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, gives brief definitions of Alzheimer’s and dementia in general, including symptoms, effects of the disease, and risk factors. While people as young as 39 have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, such cases are very rare, Caban-Holt explains, and the biggest “risk factor” for developing the disease is living beyond the age of 70.

Elisa Freeman-Carr, who works with the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Kentucky and Southern Indiana, outlines the services the Alzheimer’s Association provides for patients, their families, and caregivers. Resources include a web site, lending library, phone hotline, and listings of all Alzheimer’s-related services available in more than 120 counties. The association also encourages caregivers and loved ones to attend support groups, and even provides online community chat rooms for those who are unable to participate in person due to time restraints or the patient’s needs.

Sheri Estill, who is the primary caregiver for her mother, provides insight into the life of a family caregiver as she describes the daily life, difficulties, and rare lucid moments experienced by her mother, who is living with advanced dementia.

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