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Rebecca DiLoreto of the Children's Law Center (#738)

With support from the Children's Law Center, Kentucky Youth Advocates recently released a report, Ending the the Use of Incarceration for Status Offenses in Kentucky. Status offenses are misconduct by a child, such as habitual truancy and habitual runaway. In 2011 in Kentucky, children were incarcerated 1,335 times for status offenses, which accounted for approximately 17 percent of all youth incarcerations in the state that year, according to the report. The report recommends using alternatives like community diversion programs instead of jail.

The Children's Law Center in Covington provides attorneys to represent young people in a variety of legal and administrative proceedings. The center also does research on juvenile justice policies and offers information and referrals.

Rebecca DiLoreto, a graduate of the University of Kentucky College of Law, had a 24-year career with the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy and is now a professor of law at Northern Kentucky University.

This program was recorded at the 2012 Kentucky Bar Association conference in Louisville.

Learn more: Children's Law Center

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