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Impact 100 (#801)

Impact 100 Owensboro combines the annual donations from a minimum of 100 members and gives large grants each fall to local worthy causes selected by its members. The only membership requirements are to be female and to donate $1,000 each year. The entire $1,000 goes to the grants.

Among the organizations that have received grants from Impact 100 are the Boulware Center Mission, Habitat for Humanity, the Owensboro Museum of Science and History, and the Owensboro Daviess County Regional Dental Clinic.

Joy Allen, Impact 100 Owensboro's board president and a founding member, has lived in Owensboro for 16 years, is the mother of two, and works in the energy industry. Martha Clark, a retired accountant, is co-founder and founding president of IMPACT 100 Owensboro. She has a daughter and three grandchildren.

Learn more: Impact 100 Owensboro.

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