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A ten-part KET instructional series

      We live in a world of motion. Waves roll onto beaches. The wind rustles the leaves. The sun moves from one side of the horizon to the other. People move, too: We run, jump, skip, slide, shimmy from one place to another. Our hearts pump, our lungs expand and contract, our eyes open and close. And we dance—to celebrate, to worship, or simply for the pure joy of moving.

      DanceSense explores the how, what, and why of dance, traveling across cultures, ethnic groups, and time to illuminate its elements and styles. Throughout the 10 programs, you’ll meet, observe, and learn from choreographers, tappers, ballet dancers, modern dancers, folk dancers, jazz dancers, and young dancers just starting out. You’ll hear from those who teach or write about dance or accompany it on their instruments. And in the end, you’ll understand a little more about dance as communication, dance as art ... and dance as a celebration of life itself.

      A downloadable teacher’s guide is now available.

The Programs
  1. Understanding Dance—why people dance
  2. The Dance of Culture—origins and functions of dances around the world
  3. Dance in America—Native American, African-American, and European influences on American dance forms
  4. The Elements of Dance—space, time, and force
  5. The Moving Body—how bodies move and how dancers train
  6. Making Dance—what choreographers do and how improvisation fits in
  7. Ballet—dance as creative expression and as communication with audience
  8. Modern Dance—contemporary innovations and developments
  9. Jazz Dance—improvisation, syncopation, and ever-changing forms
  10. Tap and Percussive Dance—classic tap and its roots in jazz and blues, plus cousins like Flamenco and clogging

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