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A ten-part KET instructional series

Teacher’s Guide Downloads

The DanceSense teacher’s guide is now available for downloading in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader® to read or print these files. See About Acrobat Reader for more information.

KET will also post expanded versions of the guide material, as well as additional lesson plans, as this web site is developed. Please check back!

You may download the entire guide as one file (slightly more than 1 megabyte). Or click on a chapter title below to download the PDF file for that chapter.

  • Introduction
    covers, table of contents, and introduction to the series
    7 pages; 462K
  1. Understanding Dance
    why people dance
    2 pages; 161K

  2. The Dance of Culture
    origins and functions of dances around the world
    2 pages; 143K

  3. Dance in America
    Native American, African-American, and European influences on American dance forms
    2 pages; 114K

  4. The Elements of Dance
    space, time, and force
    3 pages; 128K

  5. The Moving Body
    how bodies move and how dancers train
    2 pages; 113K

  6. Making Dance
    what choreographers do and how improvisation fits in
    3 pages; 168K

  7. Ballet
    dance as creative expression and as communication with audience
    2 pages; 117K

  8. Modern Dance
    contemporary innovations and developments
    2 pages; 105K

  9. Jazz Dance
    improvisation, syncopation, and ever-changing forms
    2 pages; 130K

  10. Tap and Percussive Dance
    classic tap and its roots in jazz and blues, plus cousins like Flamenco and clogging
    2 pages; 122K
  • Supplemental Material
    glossary, biographies of artists featured in the series, and Kentucky Core Content correlations
    5 pages; 162K

About the PDF Format and Adobe Acrobat Reader®

KET is using the .pdf file format to distribute many of our guides and samples. This type of file uses the free software called Adobe Acrobat Reader to open formatted documents for viewing and printing. Once you have the software, it doesn’t matter whether you use a Mac or PC or what type of word processor you are using: Adobe Acrobat Reader will allow you to use our guides, as well as the many other .pdf files available on the web.

You may download Acrobat Reader logo Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

(With a 56K modem and a good phone connection, it takes about 10 minutes to download the software.)

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