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KET Digital Guide

Datacasting Installation FAQ

These pages contain details on installing and using KET’s datacasting software and troubleshooting some common start-up issues. Please read through this information before e-mailing for tech support. But if your question is not covered here, you may e-mail for help.

I have connected the hardware and antenna and installed the software. Now what?

Now set up your hardware for receiving the broadcast signal with the help of the Broadband4PC software.

The Broadband4PC application controls the BBTI hardware box connected to your PC. To bring up the main menu of the program, select Setup4PC from the Windows Start menu, or double-click the round indicator located in the taskbar at the bottom right corner of the screen:

taskbar indicator

You should now see the channel selection screen:

channel selection screen

This screen controls the channel selection for the tuner (the BBTI hardware box). From the pull-down menu under Location, choose the KET transmitter nearest to you. The software will then select the proper frequency and data service from its built-in database. Check the “Default Location” checkbox to lock in your transmitter choice.

Once you have locked in a station, the indicator located in the taskbar at the bottom right corner of the screen will turn from red to green:

station locked indicator

To check signal quality, click on the Status button from the main menu of the Broadband4PC software. You will see a screen with details about the frequency in use:

channel status screen

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